1. Is the Greek International Film Festival an online festival or in person event?

It is both.  People will have an option to either watch the films in a theatre setting (Famous Players Canada Square) in Toronto.

Anyone wishing to attend the festival  that lives outside of the Greater Toronto Area (and across Canada) may be able to view the films on line by purchasing a virtual ticket.   Viewing is ON DEMAND, and can be viewed anytime during the length of the festival as indicated by the films end date.  Should you not be able to complete your viewing, logging back in will allow you to resume watching the film from where you left off.

Some films may not necessarily be available on line, depending on rights and licensing.  Our virtual screenings will be exclusive to Canada only.

2. Are festival ticket packages available?

As a result of the uncertainty of the pandemic, safety remains our priority.  We will need to focus on crowd control and how many people may be permitted into the theatre.  Therefore, each film will be sold separately (A Feature or Documentary that includes a short film.

3. What precautions are in place for the in person theatre experience as a result of the Covid pandemic?

This is certainly unpredictable times, but no matter what, safety is our number one priority for in-person screenings.  We are continually monitoring the situation and will adhere to the precautions set forth by the Ontario Provincial Government.  Proof of Vaccinations (Passport) will be required for admittance.

If the requirements are only 50% capacity with social distancing, we will keep attendance in the theatres to the requirements.  Should the pandemic cause another lock-down, The Greek International Film Festival will continue but on-line.

4. Will there be festival events (red carpet, networking, VIP functions) aside from movie screenings?

Again, as a result of Covid 19, we are planning to produce panel discussions and have Q+A sessions after the film screenings, (some will be done virtually) but bigger events like a full blown red carpet, after hour parties and networking events will not be planned by GIFFT.

5. How many films will be screened at this years event and where can I go to watch these films in person?

A Total of 9 Feature Films, 11 Documentaries, 19 short films will be screened at GIFFT..  The festival will take place over three days from October 1 to October 3rd at the FAMOUS PLAYERS CANADA SQUARE THEAATRE in Toronto.  This theatre is located SOUTH of Eglinton at 2190 Yonge Street.  Some films may be streamed on line until October 5th.

6. Can I purchase tickets at the box office?

Yes.  Tickets will be available for purchase at the FAMOUS PLAYERS CANADA SQUARE Box Office but we would highly recommend advance ticket purchases to guarantee seating.  Should the screening of the film reach its safe capacity, the film will be marked as SOLD OUT and no further tickets will be sold.

7. Do I have to be Greek to attend the festival?

We highly encourage everyone to attend the festival, not just people who are Greek or of Greek Heritage.  We will be showcasing films that are in English as well as Greek.  For  Greek language films, each film will be subtitled.

8. Will the snack bar be open during the festival?

What’s a movie without popcorn and all the treats that go with it.  Of course.  But masks must be worn when not enjoying the treats.

9. How can I find out about the latest news and developments leading up to the festival?

We are planning a big marketing and promotional campaign once the official selections of the films have been made.  You can listen to interviews with directors and cast on agapegreekradio.com.  Please download the ITOC RADIO app from your app store.  It’s free.  You can also agapegreekradio.com on Facebook, Istagram, Twitter.  And you can always check back on our website to get the latest announcements.