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My Name Is Eftihia

A film by Angelos Frantzis
Inspired by the life of the most prolific Greek female poet and lyricist; an extraordinary woman and artist who has created a massive volume of timeless and popular songs.

She got married when she was too young and she quickly became a mother of two little girls. She travelled from Smyrna to Greece, with only one little pillow clutched between her arms.
On board the ship that took her away from her home for ever, she decided she would never let life pass her by. She vowed to live on her own terms.
Her name means Happiness but destiny made sure she knew very little of it. She challenged death every day of her life, hoping to ward off its cold, ruthless grip.
She kept herself and her children alive through the massacre in Smyrna, so she decided to take on Death in a game of cards.
She lived every day of her life as if it were her last. She wrote incessantly on any surface she could find. She chain smoked. She fell helplessly in love. She gambled fearlessly in posh clubs and dirty dumps alike.



A film by Siamak Etemadi
The search of an Iranian mother, Pari, for her missing son in Athens will force her on a journey to the dark corners of the city as well as the hidden depth of her own self.
Sarmako - A Tale Of The North

Sarmako - A Tale Of The North

A film by Marco Papadopoulos
Thessaloniki, October 1949. The Greek Civil War is supposedly over, but its impact is still felt by the people and a great divide exists between them.
Antonis, the owner of the tavern “Makedonikon,” stays neutral and tries to distance himself from politics. But dreadful news summons his most feared childhood experience. While the war, the decade and a whole epoch come to an end, the band of musicians play their last classic rembetika songs.
And for Antonis the time for revenge has come.

In The Strange Pursuit Of Laura Durand

A film by Dimitris Bavellas (Greece)
Antonis and Christos are two friends who live in a small apartment in Athens. In distress and secluded from society, they survive mostly with Christos unemployment benefit. The two friends are also united by their common, platonic love interest for Laura Durand, a porn star of the ’90s who disappeared mysteriously several years ago. They also perform 8-bit music with their offbeat band named Speed_28. When things go from bad to worse, the friends decide that time has come to start the quest for Laura Durand.
Vasy's Odyssey

Vasy's Odyssey

A film by Vasileios Papatheocharis (Spain)
Two lives, two different worlds and two unalike places. Vasi and Alexandra, two strangers, travel from Alicante to Greece, through France, Italy and Albania, on a trip where they will learn to face their mistakes and delve into their personal and family relationships. A journey through gastronomy, folklore, old traditions and the difficulty of communication between foreign languages. A search for happiness, dreams and hope.

God's Fans


The Light Touch

The Light Touch

A film by Robert MacLean
While stealing a wallet in a crowded metro in Athens, Greece, a pickpocket notices a woman and falls in love with her. While the two women are on vacation, one accidentally pickpockets a policeman, who becomes obsessed with catching her.


A film by Vassilis Katsikis
During a stormy night, Ann is all alone in her villa. An intruder breaks in. Ann, in absolute terror, has to fight this mysterious creature, as well as to confront her husband and her own demented mind…

Sacred Footprints

Sacred Footprints

A film by Nancy Athanasopoulos Mylonas




Our Legacy that Time Cannot Erase

Dedicated to Theodoros Kolokotronis and so many other heroes who sacrificed their lives to give us our Freedom.

So, how shall we repay them? What is our answer to their selfless call? What is our debt to their sacrifices? What do we owe them?

Based on the patriotic poem “THE KLEPHTS” «ΟΙ ΚΛΕΦΤΕΣ»

Written by: Parthena Tsoktouridou

Screen adaptation/ Directed and Choreographed by: Nancy Athan-Mylona