Toronto_Film Bundle 2_ At The Airport

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The Dunbar Theatre


4555 Dunbar Street

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Toronto film bundle

At The Airport

In a small greek island, Prokopis is the only employee of the local airport.

Runtime: 22 minutes 36 seconds
Showtime: TBA
Key Casts: Thanasis Zeritis, Lydia Fotopoulou, Manolis Mavromatakis

Tolis Live or (Toronto)

An elderly former singer decides to return to his career but he comes against his past, the choices that shaped him as a character and Toronto.

Runtime: 23 minutes 13 seconds
Showtime: TBA
Ratings: Drugs & Alcohol
Key Casts: Tolis Rapantas, Dimitris Tzoumakis, Yota Karavasili, Kostis Rampavilas, Panagiotis Tolias, Sotiris Papadopoulos, Nikos Rellos


Philoxenia is a short documentary highlighting the synergy between the Greek notion of philoxenia (“friend of the stranger”) and Southern hospitality, as expressed through Birmingham, Alabama’s Greek-owned restaurants. The film features six local favorite restaurants, two historians and, of course, a lot of mouthwatering dishes.

Runtime: 14 minutes 49 seconds
Showtime: TBA


A recent Greek immigrant has a hard time adapting to life in the west.

Runtime: 19 minutes 41 seconds
Showtime: TBA
Ratings: Inappropriate Language/Drugs & Alcohol
Key Casts: Nick Drossos

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