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Toronto film bundle

In Memoriam

Ariadne, a member of an anti-government covert resistance group, is captured and interrogated by an intelligence agent. As Ariadne refuses to reveal information about her group, the agent threatens to erase her memories about her identity and personal life. 

Runtime: 9 minutes 26 seconds
Showtime Tuesday, October 4 | 22:20
Ratings: Violence
Key Casts: Sofia Fytianou, Nikos Kousoulis, Iphigeneia Stampouli

The Box

‘The box’ is a short film about the beautiful moments that love can give us, if we dare to fight against our Monster-our insecurities and fears- and finally trust and share ourselves with someone who has the same feelings and beliefs. The movie aims to awake the hope for pure love and trustful meaningful relationships to our younger generation who seems to be lost and drugged into a social media and virtual reality.

Runtime: 15 minutes 
Showtime: Tuesday, October 4 22:30
Key Casts: Photis Caralis, Irene Karayioryi, Andrey Pilipenko

Tolis Live Or (Toronto)

An elderly former singer decides to return to his career but he comes against his past, the choices that shaped him as a character and Toronto.

Runtime: 23 minutes 13 seconds
Showtime: Tuesday, October 4 | 21:00
Ratings: Drugs & Alcohol
Key Casts: Tolis Rapantas, Dimitris Tzoumakis, Yota Karavasili, Kostis Rampavilas, Panagiotis Tolias, Sotiris Papadopoulos, Nikos Rellos


In the near future, Petros Hardamis will apply for a suicide permit. We all have the right to live, but to die? 

Runtime: 10 minutes
Showtime: Tuesday, October 4 | 21:44
Ratings: Violence/Drugs & Alcohol
Key Casts: Manolis Klonaris, Christiana Drosou, Marouska Panagiotopoulou, Euthimis Georgopoulos, Ioanna Bitouni, Joyce Evidi, Tasos Tsoukalis, Adrianos Gatsos, Petra Mavridi

In Luck

A boy and a girl hide in the ruins of a future world, not knowing if there are any other survivors. Unable to predict the chances of their own survival, they decide to play a life or death game and leave things to chance. 

Runtime: 20 minutes
Showtime: Tuesday, October 4 | 22:00
Ratings: Sexual Content/Inappropriate Language/Violence
Key Casts: Tolis Rapantas, Dimitris Tzoumakis, Yota Karavasili, Kostis Rampavilas, Panagiotis Tolias, Sotiris Papadopoulos, Nikos Rellos


A Sunday lunch at granny’s house.
Holy greek family is being crumbled under the unbearable weight.
How many things can we ignore about our closest family members?
How many words are drowned before they are even spoken?
Our dearest family meals, start counting down… 

Runtime: 8 minutes 
Showtime: Tuesday, October 4 21:55
Ratings: Sexual Content/Inappropriate Language
Key Casts: Lena Papaligoura, Ioannis Papazisis, Lina Fountoglou, Christos Dovas, Georgia Mavrogeorgi, Eirini Mela, Katerina Kanaki 


A recent Greek immigrant has a hard time adapting to life in the west.

Runtime: 19 minutes 41 seconds
Showtime: Tuesday, October 4 21:25
Ratings: Inappropriate Language/Drugs & Alcohol
Key Casts: Nick Drossos

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