October 1st – October 31st 2024

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Fonissa (murderess)

Set against the hauntingly beautiful backdrop of a remote Greek island around 1900, “Fonissa” (Murderess) unravels a powerful drama that dives deep into the human psyche and societal norms. This gripping tale is based on Alexandros Papadiamantis’s classic novel, bringing to life the harrowing story of Hadoula.

The promotion

It is 2012. Nikos lives in Athens. He is a film director who teaches film direction at the University of Thessaloniki. Today, he will ask his father, Mr. Andrikos, to accompany him to the swearing-in ceremony for his promotion at the University. A father-son train journey ensues, with time running backward.

behind the haystacks

“Behind the Haystacks”, a poignant drama set in 2015 at the Greece’s northern border. A debt-ridden fisherman near Doiran Lake opts for trafficking immigrants to subsist his family’s living, while grappling with the hard-edged reality of refugees stranded at the northern borders of Greece.

GIFFT official selection

Sgt fruit fly

Stanley, a sixteen-year-old boy, grappled with the harsh realities of bullying, financial instability, and unsavory company. Haunted by the heroic legacy of his deceased father, Stanley yearns to secure his place in an adult-dominated world.


Financial upheaval forces a teenage deaf girl, Valmira 16, to leave her progressive Athens school and return to her father’s struggling island where she is confronted by the danger of prejudice and intolerance, most shockingly — her own.

Lost on Kythera

Every place has its secrets, and the Holy Island of Kythera is no different. In James Prineas’ new comedy, Lost on Kythera, Aphrodite and her assistant Hymeros (played by Danae Mikalaki and Georgos Papageorgiou) ensure that nothing goes as planned. When archaeologist Nancy Filodoxopoulos and her assistant Benson search for Aphrodite’s lost temple, Aphrodite uses her godly powers to keep it hidden.

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